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Our breeding is small, but good. We have 3 1st price mares that we use in our breeding and we only use top stallions. 

For us, breeding is all about hope and dreams.

It´s a privilige to be a part of the whole process, from shoosing stallions to the mares, see the faol be born into life and watch it grow in this beautiful enviroment. that´s magic!


Mares in our breeding: 


Toskadís frá Efri - Þverá 

conformation: 7,87  

ridingabilities: 8,26    

total: 8,11

F: þyrnir frá Efri - Þverá

M: Vaka frá Efri - Þverá





Hildur frá Litlu - Brekku

conformation: 7,50  

 ridingabilities: 8,37  

 total: 8,02

F: Sámur frá  Litlu-Brekku

M: Hremmsa frá Borgarhóli




Tíbrá frá Litla - Dal

conformation: 7,93    

ridingabilietis: 8,21  

 total: 8,10

F: skattur frá Litla - Dal,

M: Salbjörg frá Litla - Dal






Kráka frá Blesastöðum 1A

conformation: 7,76

ridingabilities: 8,03

total: 7,92

F: Krákur frá Blestastöðum 1A

M: Dúkka frá Brattholti

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